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Luxury Accommodations in Japan

pinnacle of luxury

Luxury Accommodations

In Japan, luxury accommodations range from high-end hotels in bustling cities like Tokyo to secluded ryokans in scenic areas like Hakone or Kyoto. These establishments often feature lavish interiors, world-class service, and unique cultural experiences. Amenities frequently include private hot spring baths, gourmet dining options, and sometimes even personal butlers. These accommodations are designed to offer an exclusive and serene experience that caters to the discerning traveler, blending traditional Japanese hospitality with modern luxury.

Explore the pinnacle of luxury with high-end hotels and exclusive ryokans in Japan. Private onsens, gourmet dining, and world-class service await

Restaurant Fuji View Hotel
Luxury Hotels and Ryokans



Aman Tokyo

Aman Tokyo is the epitome of urban sophistication, located in the Otemachi district. Offering panoramic views of the Tokyo skyline, this establishment is a sanctuary high above the bustling city. Designed in a Zen-inspired style, the rooms are open and airy, complemented by traditional washi paper and classic Japanese architecture. The on-site spa, wellness center, and the authentic Japanese dining experience contribute to a holistic, high-end experience for the guests.


Four Seasons

Located in the Marunouchi district near Tokyo Station, Four Seasons Tokyo offers a different flavor of luxury. Rooms are elegantly furnished with modern amenities, offering a more Western take on luxury with Japanese touches. With options for on-site dining that range from gourmet French cuisine to traditional Japanese fare, this hotel offers something for every palate.



Located in the upscale Roppongi district, the Ritz-Carlton Tokyo offers an exceptional experience characterized by grandeur and sophistication. The hotel occupies the top nine floors of the Tokyo Midtown Tower, offering stunning views of the city and even Mount Fuji on a clear day. The rooms are decorated with refined elegance, featuring a mix of traditional Japanese and Western designs. Amenities include a high-end spa, Michelin-starred restaurants, and an indoor pool.

Aman Emu

Located in the scenic Ise-Shima National Park in Mie Prefecture, Amanemu is a luxurious retreat that embraces the ancient Japanese bathing tradition of onsen. The resort overlooks Ago Bay, known for its stunning sunsets and traditional pearl rafts. Each of the 24 suites and four two-bedroom villas comes with its own private onsen, allowing guests to fully immerate themselves in this deeply rooted Japanese tradition.