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Shimoda, Shizuoka

Shimoda, Shizuoka

The Ultimate Luxury Retreat with a Touch of History

Shimoda is a captivating coastal town located on the Izu Peninsula, about 180 km southwest of Tokyo. Known for its pristine beaches, historic sites, and tranquil hot springs, Shimoda offers an ideal retreat for your affluent clientele in search of serenity combined with a touch of Japanese heritage.

Shimoda’s unique charm lies in its picturesque landscapes—white sandy beaches along clear blue waters and rugged hills covered in lush greenery. Luxury activities abound, from sailing on private yachts to secluded beaches, to partaking in premium water activities like snorkeling in crystalline waters.


Luxury Ryokan Shimoda

Bettei Rakui is the epitome of lavish tranquility, located in the scenic coastal town of Shimoda. Nestled between lush hills and the expansive ocean, this high-end ryokan is the perfect getaway for your discerning clients looking for an authentic yet luxurious Japanese experience.


Here, guests can savor world-class Japanese hospitality in meticulously designed suites, complete with traditional tatami flooring and elegant furnishings. The private outdoor onsen in each suite allows guests to soak in therapeutic hot spring waters while taking in uninterrupted views of the surrounding natural beauty. The experience is topped off with exquisite kaiseki dining, an intricate multi-course meal crafted to showcase the season’s best ingredients.


TEL:0558-22-1233 〒415-0013 Shizuoka Prefecture, Shimoda City, Kakisaki 1116-8
Shizuoka Bettei Rakui
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