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Exclusive Cherry Blossom Viewing Tours

Discover the ephemeral beauty of cherry blossoms in Japan through our exclusive tours designed to offer affluent clients an unparalleled experience. With a focus on privacy, luxury, and cultural enrichment, each tour is meticulously crafted to meet the unique tastes of our distinguished guests.

The Essence of Our Cherry Blossom Tours

We prioritize privacy and exclusivity by selecting serene locations away from the crowds. Our tours go beyond mere sakura viewing by incorporating traditional Japanese experiences, luxurious accommodations, and gourmet dining options, promising an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Destinations Tailored to Your Preferences

Tokyo, Japan at Chidorigafuchi Imperial Palace Moat in the evening.


Tokyo, the nation’s capital, offers a plethora of exclusive cherry blossom viewing spots. While the Imperial Palace Gardens and Ueno Park are popular, we specialize in arranging private viewings in secluded gardens. For those who appreciate urban sophistication, we offer twilight boat cruises on the Sumida River, where cherry blossoms are dramatically illuminated against the night sky.

Osaka, Japan at Osaka Castle during spring season at twilight.


Kyoto, renowned for its historical charm and traditional tea houses, is another ideal destination for sakura viewing. While the Philosopher’s Path and Maruyama Park are stunning, a private boat ride along the Okazaki Canal offers a tranquil and exclusive experience. Participate in an ancient tea ceremony amidst the cherry blossoms to deepen your connection with Japan’s rich culture.

Fujinomiya, Shizuoka, Japan with Mt. Fuji in spring.

Mt. Fuji

The Mt. Fuji area offers breathtaking cherry blossom viewing spots, particularly around the Fuji Five Lakes, which typically peak in mid-April. One of the most iconic locations is Kawaguchiko, known for its scenic lake views complemented by cherry blossoms and the majestic Mt. Fuji in the background.


Goryokaku, Hakodate

Goryokaku, located in Hakodate, is renowned as one of the most stunning locations for cherry blossom (sakura) viewing. The site features a star-shaped, moated fort that provides a unique backdrop to the sakura trees.

Takato Castle Park

Takato Castle, Nagano

Takato Castle Ruins Park is a must-visit destination for sakura (cherry blossom) viewing in Japan, recognized as one of the country's three best locations for this seasonal experience along with Hirosaki Castle and Yoshinoyama.

Hirosaki Castle

Hirosaki Castle, Aomori

Hirosaki Castle, located in western Aomori, is one of Japan's premier destinations for sakura viewing. The castle grounds are renowned for their "sakura carpet," a stunning display of cherry blossoms that appear to blanket the landscape. The castle itself serves as a magnificent backdrop to the sakura, amplifying the aesthetic appeal of the scene.

Enrich Your Tour with Cultural and Historical Insights

Our expert guides provide insightful historical and cultural context to each location, adding depth to your sakura viewing experience. With Japan Royal Services, each moment is not just a sight to behold but an experience to be treasured.