Futarasan Shrine in Nikko

Futarasan Shrine is located by Chuzenji Lake, and said to be founded in 784 to worship Mt. Nantaisan. The shri […]

Nikko Toshogu

Let us introduce World Heritage shrine Nikko Toshogu. It is a Shinto shrine established in 1617 to enshrine To […]

Power Spot Hakone Shrine

Hakone Shrine stands at the foot of Mount Hakone along the shores of  Ashi-lake. The shrine buildings are hidd […]


[ OMIKUJI ] omikuji is a piece of paper which can be go in the most Shinto shrines during the New Year , even […]

Nezu jinja Shinto shrine

Enjoy Azalea Blooming in Shrine! Not only cherry blossoms but also Azalea blooms is really famous in Japan. Ne […]