Hydrangea season in Kamakura

Hydrangea blooming has just come to peak!! Hasedera is a temple of the Jodo sect, famous for its eleven-headed […]

Kamakura Buddha sakura

As you have heard that Great Buddha is a large bronze Buddha statue that is one of Japan’s most popular […]

Genjiyama Park Sakura

We will introduce one of  Kamakura’s most popular spots for cherry blossom viewing!! Genjiyama Park: Thi […]

Viewing Plum Blossom Zuisenji

The best sight seeing ume viewing spot in Kamakura is Zuisenji temple. In fact there are many temples in aroun […]

Viewing Plum Blossom Tokeiji

Tokeiji (temple) is one of th best spot to do ume viewing. Along the street inside temple, you see ume with bl […]

Kenchoji Temple in Kamakura

Kenchoji is the number one of five great Zen temples and this is the oldest Zen temple in Kamakura. Its first […]