Restaurant Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Enjoy Hotel Restaurant! Nikko Kayana Hotel is the oldest resort hotel in Japan, opened in 1873 At the restaura […]

Steak House Mihashi

Opened two decades ago, Nikko’s first steak house Mihashi has always been popular for not only local Jap […]

Nikko Kanaya Hotel

This Nikko Kanaya Hotel is the most famous accommodation in Nikko. It is known as a classic hotel which is ope […]

Tobu World Square

Tobu World Square is an architectural museum with skillful reproductions of 102 world-famous buildings on the […]

Edo Wonderland Nikko Edomura

Have you ever been to Edo Wonderland Amusement Theater? There is still a slice of the Edo Period left for to y […]

Kirifuri Kogen

Located at about 1,200m evaluation on the north side of the down town of Nikko, the Kirifuri Plateaus is an ar […]

Yama no Restaurant in Nikko

Yama-no-Restaurant is located in Kirufuri which surroundings are nature, and the cafe restaurant is made of ca […]