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Zenagi (Nagano Prefecture/Nagiso Town)

Zenagi is more than just a hotel. It’s a place where you can create the “ultimate holiday” with your family and loved ones, making lifelong memories. You can have peace of mind and enjoy complete relaxation as the entire property is reserved just for you. Children are more than welcome, of course. From the planning stages, our concierge will tailor-make the “ultimate holiday” and provide special experiences according to your wishes. During your stay, a private butler, chef, and guide will attend to your needs with heartfelt hospitality. Cherish irreplaceable “moments” with your family and loved ones.

Four ZEN

At Zenagi, you can enjoy the “Four ZEN Experiences”

An Edo-era traditional house transformed into a minimalist space reminiscent of a Zen temple. Adorned with art and crafts from Nagano and Gifu, it’s a renovation that marries the past with the present.Amidst the unhurried, tranquil pace of the countryside, take a holiday where you can realign your breath and find balance.

In the heart of pristine nature, clear your mind and fill your heart. For those caught in the busyness of modern life, an extraordinary getaway is essential. Led by a private guide, immerse yourself in the mountains, rivers, and fields—a paramount detox and relaxation experience.

From the forest, we bring you natural mushrooms and wild mountain vegetables. Venison from bears, boars, and deer roam free. Traditional, pesticide-free vegetables and fruits cultivated in the village. Seafood from the Ise Bay, nurtured by the blessings of the Kiso forest. With wellness cuisine that harnesses the bounty of the Alps’ natural ingredients, promote not just body but also mind health.

“Exploring unfamiliar lands and encountering new worlds” is not only a journey but also the initial step toward revitalizing local communities. All hotel staff members act as “storytellers,” sharing the wonderful culture, traditions, and lifestyle of Kiso.



222 Tadachi, Nagiso-machi, Kiso-gun, Nagano, Japan 399-5303


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