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★Yushima Tenzin Ume Festival 2016 the 59th

2016 Februaly 8th (Monday) – March 8th (Tuesday)

Open from 8:00~19:30 Admission FREE


The Yushima Tenzin is known as one of the best sights of ume blossoms, the Japanese plum blossoms.

The Ume Festival first started in 1958, and this 2016 would be the 59th year from the beginning. During the festival, there will be 400,000 of people who would come to admire the beauty of its scene.

Ume blossoms has always been the informant of arrival of spring in Japan.

No exception, the Yushima Tenzin Ume Festival has established its position as an informant of spring in Tokyo.


There will be approximately 300 of trees of ume blossoms in the Yushima Tenzin. Most of the blossoms are white colored, and some pink color would set off its beauty. The ume blossoms will be lighted up at night, which will be very different scene from day time.

From the middle of February to the beginning of March would usually be the best days to see. You can check its official website for the latest picture of ume blossoms.

On weekends, there will be a Japanese drum shows, parades, karaoke contests, and many other events that would make you interested in. There will be many street stalls to enjoy eating Japanese foods.

Other than the ume blossoms, this Yushima Tenzin is known for the god of literature, that many students would come to pray for success in passing the entrance exams for new semester, which is April in Japan.


The nearest station is Yushima station of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line. Just about 2 minutes of walk will lead you to the Yushima Tenzin.


《Yushima Tenzin Ume Festival》

Date: 2016 Februaly 8th (Monday) – March 8th (Tuesday)

Open: 8:00~19:30 Admission FREE

Official website: http://www.yushimatenjin.or.jp/pc/ume/

Address: 3-30-1 Yushima Bunkyo-ku Tokyo, PO#113-0034