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“Kawagoe ? I’ve never heard of it !”
You might think that way ・・・, but it’s actually a pretty city with a lot of architectures from Edo period .

Kawagoe is about fifty minutes away by train from central Tokyo .

If you get there , enjoy walking the old storehouse zone where you can find traditional souveniers .
You can even have an experience wearing kimonos from ¥2000

For lunch , you have got many choices such as unagi (grilled eel ), skewers of Berkshire pork , or kaiseki cuisine

If you like sake (rice wine), Saitama prefecture is kown as sake production , you can taste them & enjoy aroma

Recommended historical buildings are follows .
Kawagoe castle – It was considered to be an important place for protecting Northern region by Tokugawa Shogunate .

Kita-in temple – Built in the Heianperiod , 3rd Tokugawa shogun Iemitsu was born here.

Hikawa shrine – Built in the Edo period , this shrine is considered to be good for matchmaking .

Tokinokane (Old clock tower ) – It’s a land mark tower in this city . The bell is rung 4 times a day (6:00am, 12:00 noon , 3:00pm , 6:00pm )

If you have one day extra in Tokyo , considering what to do , visit Kawagoe ! That will be an unforgettable experience .