Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containg a variety of ingredients.

The Okonimiyaki restautrant is the place where you can pick your favorite ingredient,and cook it yourself on the griddle atop your table.


Its one of the popyular foods in Japan, and especially Kansai area is renownd for its tast and its various styles.

♣How to cook Okonomiyaki …

1.You can bake yourself ! !

Mix the dough quickly from the bottom.

2. Flatten it .

3. Turn it over after 3minutes , and press the okonomiyaki gently with a spatula. Turn it over 4 minutes.

4. Turn it again after 2minutes . Spread the sauce around the top of okonomiyaki.

5. Sprinkle some dried bonito and green laver with yur hand.

6. Cut it into favorite size.

76393_top_2  ” Too Hot  !! becaful ! nnnnnnn….very tasty ! !  Lets try to cook Okonomiyaki ♥♥