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What is Ume Festival??!!
At first Ume is Plum.but it is Plum Blossom.And this is in the Hanegi park Tokyo Setagaya.In the middle ofFebruary to beginning of March.There are about 700 plum blossoms and 60 kind of plum blossoms. So we call it ume festival.
What we can do at this festival?

You can see Equal music performance you can learn japanese Haiku. There are japanese tea ceremonies and you can also buy japanese snack, tea and plants.

How to get there??



You can get there by bus or train. I will put a google map so you can check it here together with the address.

<Addres> sShirota 4-38-52 tokyo setagaya

Hanegi park map

Only in Tokyo?

Ume festival is not only in Setagaya.It is also to be held in Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, chiba, Shizuoka etc.

Here can you see the Ume festival

In japan you can see Plum Blossom everywhere. And this is my favorite place.


 It is in Umekouji park in kyoto. There you can see also other plants.You can reach the park, going by walk from the kyoto station.

this is map for Umekouji park




I will also put in here really famous places in japan.

Ranking for place

Thank you for reading