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This park is one of the few landscape garden in japan.This has more than 100 years of history

梅と野鳥 梅2

The wild birds often come to this garden. If you have a chance you might watch the birds there.


During the best season people enjoy red and white plum blossom, and then the cherry blossom begin to bloom so people can also enjoy the collaboration of plum and cherry blossom.


The best season is from in the middle of February to March.



Adress: 11,naito-machi, shinjuku-ku, tokyo

Tel: +81 3-3350-0151 (shinjuku-gyoen service centre)

Hours: 9:00am-16:00pm (Holiday is every Monday)

Price: adult 200yen, child(under 15years old) 50yen

Website: http://www.env.go.jp/garden/shinjukugyoen/