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Omaruyama Park お丸山公園 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Omaruyama Park is a popular place in Sakura city for cherry blossoms. The entrance of the park is next to the Kitsuregawa Government Building in Sakura City, and the entire mountain area beyond this is known as Omaruyama Park.

The park is located next to Kitsuregawa Castle, which was once built by a person named Goro Shioya in 1186, and is now being maintained as a park with a good view. Kitsuregawa Castle was once known as Okuragasaki Castle, Kuragasaki Castle, and Kuragasaki Castle.

In Omaruyama Park, visitors can go around the walking path on the Kitsuregawa branch side. The area around the walking path boasts abundant vegetation and various flowers. In spring, people can enjoy the scenery of cherry blossoms, mountain azaleas, and Japanese kerria grass.

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General Information
Address: 5478-1 Kitsuregawa, Sakura City, Tochigi Prefecture

Phone: +81 28-681-1120
Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Parking: Available at car park area


Sakura is a city located in central-east Tochigi Prefecture. Sakura has a Humid continental climate characterized by warm summers and cold winters with heavy snowfall. This perfect weather makes the sakura seasons famous.


Attractions in Omaruyama Park
Kitsuregawa Castle
In 1186, Goro Shioya built Kitsuregawa Castle and changed the place name to Kitsuregawa, and became the founder of Mr. Kitsuregawa Shioya. After that, the castle owner changed to Mr. Kitsuregawa, and in 1870, the Kitsuregawa clan repatriated the sealed soil to the new government prior to the abolition of the clan, and Kitsuregawa Castle was also abandoned. The ruins of Kitsuregawa Castle are currently being maintained as Omaruyama Park, and the moats and ruins of that time are still preserved.

Kitsuregawa Jinya
The Kitsuregawa Jinya was built near Kitsuregawa Castle by Ashikaga Yoriuji (Mr. Kitsuregawa) in 1573. The Kitsuregawa Jinya was used as the domain office of the Kitsuregawa domain until the end of the Tokugawa shogunate, but it was burnt down in 1876 and no remains are left in that place. In addition, the place where the Kitsuregawa Jinya was located is now the Kitsuregawa Government Building in Sakura City, which is the entrance to Omaruyama Park.

Kitsuregawa Sky Tower
The Kitsuregawa Sky Tower is a facility that opened in 1995 and is about 49.5 meters high. There is an observatory at a height of 40 meters, and because it stands on the mountain, it was a popular spot with a very good view.


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