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One of these later blooming areas is the popular Fuji Five Lakes region at the base of Mount Fuji, about two hours west of Tokyo.


There are several cherry blossoms spots around the Fuji Five Lakes, especially around Lake Kawaguchiko, from where you can enjoy views of the blossoms together with Mount Fuji in the background.


Several rows of cherry blossoms are planted along a promenade on the eastern side of Lake Kawaguchiko in front of all the ryokan that line the shore. While there were a few Somei Yoshino trees scattered along the walk will be blooming arly April, are is perhaps more interesting for the row of later blooming Yaebeni Shidarezakura weeping cherry trees planted over a walking path along the water.



These darker pink blossoms are a nice change of pace from the normal white flowers and bloom a little later, helping to prolong the season.

Best to see is early April.

【Kawaguchi Lake】

Address: Kawaguchi, Fujikawaguchikomachi,Minamitsurugun