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Kanazawa Zoo,covering an area of 12.8 hectares,is located within the 58.5 hectares of Kanazawa Natural Park,which is situated next to the Greenery Preservation Area and the Civic Forest on the outskirts of Kita-kamakura.
The zoo overlooks Tokyo Bay and Boso Peninsula.


There is a nature and animal park full of rich greenery in the form of trees and plants representative of each continent.


You can enjoy viewing blossoms with elephants! From mid March to April, more than 10 kinds of sakura trees will be fll bloom in the zoo. Mountain side aound the zoo, there are over 1000 sakura trees and mountain will turn pink!


【Kanazawa Zoo】
Address: 5-15-1 Kamariya higashi, Kanazawaku, Yokohama
Tel: +(81) 45-783-9100
Hour: 9:30~16:30
Closed: Monday