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Edition Microbus | Luxury Bus Japan Tour Experience

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Discover the Ultimate Luxury Journey with Japan Royal Service’s Microbus Tours

‘Japan Royal Service’ offers a blissful journey where you can enjoy the changing scenery in the private space of a 28-seat microbus that goes beyond the typical bus experience, and visit carefully selected destinations only accessible by a microbus. We provide a journey of exceptional quality and sophistication for those who seek the genuine luxury in every detail. Experience the extraordinary hospitality and moments that are beyond your everyday life through our grand and elegant microbus journey. With ‘Japan Royal Service’, indulge in the refined charm of accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and majestic nature to the fullest extent of your heart’s content.

「本物」を知る大人にこそふさわしい、すべての時間が上質で満たされた「至高」の旅を『Japan Royal Service』が実現します。


「旅」を通じて「人」に出会い「人」と縁を「結ぶ」。「真結」は 心のこもった上質な旅を目指すツアーブランドです。

‘Japan Royal Service’ invites you to experience the premium side of Japan with our exclusive and unparalleled travel packages. From the majestic Mt. Fuji to the serene temples of Kyoto, we offer a carefully curated selection of destinations that showcase the diverse natural beauty and cultural richness of Japan. Our expert guides will take you off the beaten path to explore hidden gems and immerse yourself in the local lifestyle. Indulge in the world-renowned cuisine that Japan has to offer, from the freshest sushi to the finest wagyu beef. Our ‘Premium Japan Experience’ is designed to offer you sublime and one-of-a-kind experiences that you can’t find anywhere else. With ‘Japan Royal Service’, let us show you the true meaning of exclusivity and luxury in Japan.