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HINO S'ELEGA | Luxury Bus Japan Tour Experience

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An orchestra to the future woven with innovative technology. HINO S’ELEGA.

HINO S’ELEGA is a luxurious tour bus manufactured by Hino Motors, designed with a focus on passenger comfort and safety. It incorporates the latest technology to maintain clean air inside the cabin, and offers high-quality seats and spacious legroom. Furthermore, advanced driving support systems help reduce the driver’s burden and promote safe driving. HINO S’ELEGA also boasts excellent fuel efficiency, achieving eco-friendly driving. The vehicle’s exterior features beautiful curves and elegant lines, creating an elegant and stylish appearance. With its emphasis on passenger and driver comfort, safety, environmental performance, and stylish design, HINO S’ELEGA is an ideal vehicle for long-distance sightseeing tours, providing a comfortable journey for all.
「本物」を知る大人にこそふさわしい、すべての時間が上質で満たされた「至高」の旅を『Japan Royal Service』が実現します。


「旅」を通じて「人」に出会い「人」と縁を「結ぶ」。「真結」は 心のこもった上質な旅を目指すツアーブランドです。

HINO S’ELEGA offers a grand and elegant bus journey that allows you to experience the genuine quality that is reflected in every detail. We provide special hospitality, including “magnificent” nature, “exquisitely crafted” cuisine, and “elegant and noble” accommodations, so that you can fully enjoy the refined charm of Japan. Through HINO S’ELEGA’s journey, you can experience a genuine quality that cannot be found anywhere else, and spend a luxurious and special time that touches your mind and body.
chartered bus