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Watakano-so わたかの荘 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Watakano-so is a pets-friendly oceanside inn locates at Watakano Island in Matoya Bay. It offers a pet friendly environment with large park and open-air bath for dogs. In Watakano-so, there are 11 rooms with bay views. TV and mini-fridges are included. Vending machine can be used inside the inn.

Breakfast and dinner are also available, in the banquet hall or private room. Guests can join other activities such as sea-bathing, ocean fishing and golf. Dogs are welcome with additional charge.

It has easy access to other attractions nearby. It takes 11 minutes walk from Wadakano Pearl Beach and 20 minutes from Shima Spain Village, a Spain-inspired theme park on the mainland. Ise Jingu shrine is also 50 minutes away.

General Information
Address: 7-1 Isobechowatakano, Shima 517-0205 Mie Prefecture

Telephone: 0599-57-2231
Contact Email: info@watakanosou.co.jp
Check-in Time: 14:00 – 18:00
Check-out Time: Before 10:00
Closest Station: Kintetsu Ugata Station
Number of Rooms: 11
Parking: 15 cars (No Charge) First come first serve

Ease of Access
15 minutes from Kintetsu Ugata Station

Adult: 13,210 yen (2 persons in 1 room)

Small- large dogs: 1,110 yen
Large dogs: 2,210 yen

Guests can enjoy the four major ingredients that represent Mie prefecture in one meal in Watakano-so, which are matsusaka beef, lobster, fish and matoya oyster.

Price for one night stay with two meals: 20,910 yen/ person
(Same price for adults and kids)

Watakano Island
Watakano Island is one of the inhabited islands locates at Shima, Mie Prefecture. It also is a tract of land, smaller than a continent and surrounded by water at high water.

Matoya Bay
Matoya Bay is a bay in the city of Shima and Toba, Mie Prefecture, Japan. It is part of the Ise-Shima region. The bay is known for cultivation of oyster in Japan.

Social Media

Website: https://watakanosou.co.jp/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/%E3%82%8F%E3%81%9F%E3%81%8B%E3%81%AE%E8%8D%98/