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Wasurenosato Gajoen 忘れの里 雅叙苑 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Wasurenosato Gajoen is an inn with the air of a traditional community in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture. A hamlet was created by relocating rural architecture to a quiet area beside the Amorigawa River, away from the bustle of the ryokan hotels. Along with the thatched buildings, there are onsen baths hewn out of solid rock, and we serve cuisine of the land of Satsuma, prepared using local vegetables and poultry reared on our own farm. Everyone visiting Gajoen senses something deeply familiar and reassuring.

RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX Wasurenosato Gajoen

Relais and Chateaux

Ryokan Information

Chain: Relais & Chateaux (Member since 2015)
Style: Luxurious ryokan inn
Address: 4230 Shukukubota Makizonocho, Kirishima 899-6507 Kagoshima
Telephone: 0995-77-2114

Social Media
Website: https://www.gajoen.jp/en/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wasurenosato.gajoen/
Instagram: @gajoen2114

Wasurenosato Gajoen is one of the best luxurious ryokans inn in Kagoshima, where most of the area’s rich volcanic activity and onsen hot springs. Kagoshima is famous for its natural spots such as waterfalls, shrines and sites of historical and cultural site. It is a place to explore at your own pace and recharge in the natural environment.   

Wasurenosato Gajoen is a small size ryokan with total 10 guest rooms, designed in 5 different types. Each room features charming futons and breathtaking views of the surrounding forest and river. Some of the rooms come with open-air, private hot spring stone baths – a traditional and ideal element for romantic relaxation.

Wasurenosato Gajoen is well-known for the use of home-grown, pesticide-free ingredients, and chicken and vegetables come from their own private farm and garden. This produce is used to serve up healthy, traditional Japanese cuisine, with items to be found on the menu including salt-roasted sweetfish, hearty dago-jiru dumpling soup, and sticky rice with mountain vegetables. You’ll start the day off right with a traditional Japanese breakfast, with fresh vegetables, miso soup and rice cooked over a firewood stove.

There are two main baths in Wasurenosato Gajoen, one for men and one for women. The baths ware hewn out of solid 20-ton rocks by Tateo Tajima, taking half a year. As you soak in the water, you get a real sense of the bath being a part of the land.

Utase-yu and Ramune-yu are the two private onses are in Wasurenosato Gajoen. The onsen take their water from a geothermal well that has been naturally producing fresh water since long ago. In addition to improving blood circulation, the carbon dioxide in the water feels good on the skin.

Activities at Gajoen

The open-air kitchen
Wasurenosato Gajoen has its own open-air kitchen, where guests can order grilled or egg dishes, and the chef will cook according to your preference.

Hearth Hut
The Hearth Hut is the lobby for Wasurenosato Gajoen, where guests can enjoy kappo-zakke, a traditional alcoholic beverage, warmed over the fire, at nighttime. Take in the aroma and watch the coals as you sip this sake. Time spent sitting around the fire place at Gajoen is always a unique experience.

Ichou-no-ma was Wasurenosato Gajoen’s first traditional thatched-roof house. Breakfast and dinner are served here. Terrace seating enables you to hear the babbling of the stream and feel at one with the scenery.

Fubosha book salon & café
Fubosha is open during the daytime as a salon for reading, and also functions as a restaurant and café. Lunch is served here for guests using a plan for lunch along with bathing in Takeru-yu.

Gajoen Spa
The Wasurenosato Gajoen’s spa locates alongside the Amorigawa River. Guests can enjoy spa with the sounds of the water and of the trees moving in the breeze, feeling reconnect with the nature.

Attractions nearby

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Inukai Falls (1.7 km)

Shiobitashi Onsen Ryoma Park (5.3 km)

Kagoshima Airport Observation Deck (9.4 km)

Kagoshima Jingu Shrine (9.6 km)

Furumi Site (9.9 km)

Kirishima-jingu Shrine (17.6 km)

Kirishima Onsenkyo hot-spring area (18.4 km)

Kirishima Shinwanosato Park (19.2 km)

Sakamoto No Kurozu Tsubobatake Johokan (20 km)

Maruo Falls (23 km)

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