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Villa Aida ヴィラ・アイーダ | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Villa Aida is a beautiful example of a restaurant that is integrated in its environment. Over 100 different types of vegetable are grown in the fields around the restaurant. The chefs will judge the size and shape of each vegetable, and draw out their infinite potential by pairing them properly with other ingredients.

Owner and chef Kanji Kobayashi serves seasonal cuisine and grows much of his own produce, including vegetables, herbs, and rice. Offering fresh food in season reduces food mileage, supports local initiatives, and creates a deeper awareness of the environment among guests and staff. Kobayashi knows and supports local producers. He also works with like-minded chefs across the country on sustainable initiatives, and supports rebuilding projects in areas struck by disaster.

Villa Aida locates at Wakayama prefecture, surrounded by serene ocean, the beautiful hills of Wakayama produce more than just vegetables—citrus and other fruit trees also grow here. Pigs, cows and chickens that have been raised in a comfortable and safe environment are also used in a way that lets nothing go to waste. Fish, oysters and other seafood taken from nearby fishing communities produce a fresh aroma, like the sea breeze from home.

Restaurant information
Style: Italian Restaurant
Address: 71-5 Kawajiri, Iwade, Wakayama, Wakayama 649-6231
Telephone: +81 736 63 2227
Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday 12:00 – 20:00

Flavour Menu: 8plates + 2desserts

A meal born from the creative imagination of the chef.
Course menu using seasonal vegetables and fish.
Price: 28600 JPY

Signature Dishes
Oval squid with lettuce and broad bean; aubergine with onion, barracuda, and mulberry; and artichoke with red sea bream.


Chef Kanji Kobayashi, who is also the owner of Villa Aida, travelled alone to Italy on a one-way ticket to learn the art of Italian cuisine at the ages of 21. Kobayashi stayed four years in Italy, before returning to his parents’ farm to set up Villa Aida. Expect Italian-inspired cuisine with a twist – all dishes are made with ingredients from the local area, many of them grown by Kobayashi himself in the surrounding fields. He boasts that more than 100 varieties of vegetable can be found in nearby fields. Look out for the perch with black rice, olive tart and roasted persimmons.

Social Media
Website: http://villa-aida.jp/english.html
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/villa.aida.wakayama/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/villa_aida_wakayama/?hl=ja
Online shop: https://villaaida.thebase.in/