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Toyokawa Inari x NAKED YORU MO-DE 日本三大稲荷・豊川稲荷 × ネイキッド YORU MO-DE | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Toyokawa Inari
Toyokawa Inari is the popular name for a Buddhist temple of the Sōtō sect located in the city of Toyokawa in eastern Aichi Prefecture, Japan. The temple’s true name is Myōgon-ji, or full name is Enpukuzan Toyokawa-kaku, Myōgon-ji. Despite the torii gate at the entrance, and the popular identification of its main image of veneration with Inari Okami, the Shinto kami of fertility, rice, agriculture, industry and worldly success, the institution is a Buddhist temple and has no overt association with the Shinto religion.

Toyokawa Inari x NAKED YORU MO-DE
Shrines and temples have long been a symbolic place to connect with one another, but sadly the number of worshippers across Japan has decreased by 1.26 million people this year due to the influence of COVID-19.

Toyokawa Inari is celebrating it’s 580th anniversary this year. Instead of letting the year pass by without celebration, the temple has requested the help of creative company, NAKED, INC. Together the two have come up with an innovative way for people to enjoy ‘night-worship’ through light displays that encourage social distancing and anti-virus actions.

The collaboration, named ‘Toyokawa Inari x Naked YORU MO-DE’ is set to begin from 22 July 2021. Toyokawa Inari is hoping that the event will become a new normal even in a post-COVID world.

New Style Night Worship in Toyokawa Inari
This time, NAKED co-created a new style night worship with Toyokawa Inari with our planned corona countermeasure art. NAKED Tsukubai”, which is an art form of hand sanitizer that has become commonplace now, NAKED Distance Lantern ” that keeps social distance naturally, and “FOX MASK” that can also be used as a splash prevention measure.

“NAKED Tsukubai” is an original version of Toyokawa’s specialty roses and spray mum that spreads in the palm of your hand with alcohol disinfectant by projection mapping.

“NAKED Distance Lantern” consists of two types: the white fox, which is the guardian of the guardian “Dakini” enshrined in Toyokawa Inari, and the rose, which is a specialty of Toyokawa City and boasts the highest production in Japan. In the version where the shadow is illuminated on the ground.

The mask “FOX MASK”, which is a collaboration with the handmade fox specialty store “Ichinen Kitsune” in Toyokawa City, is a mask item that shines with phosphorescence at night and can prevent splashing.

In addition, YORU MO-DE is a special exhibition limited to July, as well as participatory art unique to the night where you can feel the connection between worshipers and Toyokawa Inari in the light of the lanterns and the illumination of the precincts. ), With the help of the local people, there is also a dedication lantern Yagura art that provides light to Toyokawa Inari.

NAKED new-style night worship art that can be enjoyed safely and securely even in the corona, at shrines and temples and in the area, with people in each area.

Event Information
Address: 1 Toyokawa-cho, Toyokawa-shi, Aichi 442-8538
Date: from 22 July 2021, and then on the 22nd of every month
Time: 18: 00 – 23: 00
Last admission: 22:00

Purchase in advance
Adults (high school students and above) 800 yen
Children (junior high school students and below) 500 yen

Purchase on the same day
Adults (high school students and above) 1,000 yen
Children (junior high school students and below) 600 yen

Free for preschoolers

Social Media
Website: http://inari-toyokawa.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yorumo_de/