Just like an onsen theme park!
Tokinoyu Setsugetsuka Hotel is forcused on enjoying onsen spa, nice japanese cusine and relaxing.
It is located in Gora Onsen, one of Hakone’s spa resort spots.
The hotel is designed to welcome their guests with Japanese culture and style.

The rooms have private open-air bath, which you can enjoy more relaxed onsen spa time together with couple or family only.
You can choose tatami mat or western style carpet floor room, futon or bed. In all rooms are served matcha green tea for a welcome drink.


Public bathes are just like attractions, please do tour them and find your favourite. The view will change in day time and in the night. Have these onsen tour in the night and in the morning too.


The most attractive thing for foreign tourists is Kimono! You can choose and wear Yukata (summer kimono/nightwear) for free. The hotel staff will help you to wear it. This should be a memorable experience in Japan.


Setsugetsuka hotel is the best hotel for who want to enjoy every kind of Japanese culture in one night!

Tokinoyu Setsugetsuka
1300 Gora, Hakone-machi, Ashigara shimo-gun, Kanagawa
Tel: 0460-86-1222
Fax: 0460-82-0051