Tokinosumika Gotenba Kogen Resort Hotel


The Tokinosumika Gotenba Kogen is a total leisure spot with 5 types of accommodations, different types of hot spring and spa, restaurants, athletics, café, and many other places to enjoy.

One type of accommodation is the “Gotenba Kogen Hotel BU.” The top floor of this hotel, 8th floor, has the restaurant “sky lounge.” This could be the best spot to view the Mount Fuji. “The Hotel Tokinosumika provides all rooms to be able to see Mount Fuji. This hotel is a casual hotel. “The Hotel Brush Up” has single rooms for main that business persons can stay. These 3 types are the hotels in the Tokinosumika Gotenba Kogen.


There are 2 another accommodations. One is the “Slow House Villa.” There are themed rooms such as The Peter Rabbit’s room, and the Planetarium room. Another is the “Blueberry Lodge.” The lodge is 2DK that group of family can enjoy the stay.


In this facility, there are 2 big hot spring spas. One is called the Kirakubou. The Kirakubou has several different types of bath, such as open-air bath, bubble bath, and sauna. Another is called the Chame-yudono. Guests can gaze at the beauty of the Mount Fuji from the bathroom.


Many attractive events are held by the facility. In the spring, from the end of March to the beginning of April, there will be cherry blossom festival. From the Tokinosumika Gotenba Kogen, you can take a picture of beautiful landscape of Mount Fuji with cherry blossoms. In the winter, there will be an illumination festival. You will be stunned by the tunnel of illumination lights imaging the world of flower, and the fantastic fountain show.


This place could be the best place for group of family to enjoy. There are golf course, tennis court, basket goal, soccer ground, playground, fishing pound, and many other! Both the children and parents, and even grandparents could have fun.


If you are planning to go by car, Tomeisusono interchange would be the nearest. It will take 15 minutes from the interchange. There are shuttle buses from Gotenba Station and Mishima Station of JR.


[Tokinosumika Gotenba Kogen]

Address: 719 Kamiyama, Gotenba-city, Shizuoka

Amenities: Depends on the accommodation type.