Todaiji Temple: the landmark of Nara prefecture!!

Todaiji, Great Eastern Temple, is one of the Japan’s most famous and historically significant temples. Also it is a landmark of Nara prefecture.The temple was constructed in 752.


Todaiji’s main hall, the Daibutsuden which means big budda hall is the world’s largest wooden building, despite the fact that the present reconstruction of 1692 is only two thirds of the original temple hall’s size. In fact, it is massive building houses one of Japan’s largest bronze statues of Buddha. The size is 15 meters tall, seated Buddha represents Vairocana.Do you think it is scary or gorgeous or religeous??



In Japan, many junior high or elementary school students will visit there as a schol trip to learn about Japanese culture. They have deeply history.

First you can enter into Todaiji temple through the massive Nandaimon Gate whichis great south gate. It is known for its giant guardian gods, 7 meters tall wooden statues protecting the temple within from evil. Wow!


You will enjoy seeing massive Buddha even though you don’t know exact meaning of Buddhism. It is obviously you can not see anywhere else in Japan, why not come?


Address: 406-1 Zoushi-cho Nara, Nara
Tel: +(81) 742-22-5511
Hour: 8:00~17:00 ※differes depends on the season