Private Resort Pine Tree in Kawaguchiko-lake


The private resort Pine Tree is all detached cottage near Kawaguchiko-lake. If you are trying to find the best place to stay with families or group of friends, here it is.


There are four types of cottages. A/B type has a capacity of 2 to 5 persons, with dining room, bedroom, fireplace, kitchen with IH heater, indoor bathroom, TV, microwave oven, toaster, and refrigerator. The F type’s capacity is from 2 to 8 persons. S type contains from 2 to 4 persons, with outside bathroom and home theatre. And the largest is 2 to 15 persons, with 2 kitchens and 3 bedrooms.


The cottages are just 3 minutes from the Kawaguchiko-lake interchange by car. If you don’t have car, don’t worry. The owner will come and pick you up at the nearest station or supermarket.

The cottages stands on the best place to tour around the five lakes of Fuji, Kawaguchiko lake, Yamanakako lake, Saiko lake, Shojiko lake, and Motosuko lake. The nearest one is the Kawaguchiko lake. Around the lake, there are many souvenir shops and restaurants. And from all five lakes, you could enjoy the scene of the Mount Fuji with lake. I’m sure you would love it.


Also, the cottages are just 7 minutes’ walk from the Fujikyu Highland, the amusement ground. If you are planning to stay with children, or group of friends, this place could be the recommended play spot in the Fuji area. The most popular attraction is called FUJIYAMA, the roller coaster. The highest point is 79 meter from the ground. If you are cool, you could enjoy seeing the Fuji-mountain from that point.


[The private resort Pine Tree]

Address: 1229 Matsuyama, Fujiyosida-city, Yamanashi

Amenities: Towel, toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, hairdryer

Facility: Bathroom, shower, air conditioner, water pot, dishes and cups, pans, DVD player.