The Hotel Mt. Fuji


The hotel Mt. Fuji was established in 1963. The hotel was first established for guests to “Just see Mt.Fuji.” The beauty scenery of Yamanakako-lake and the magnificent Mt. Fuji is seen from window of all rooms of the hotel. There was an event that if guests couldn’t see Mt. Fuji, then the room charge was all free. In 1983, the hotel was pictured in the front cover of international tour magazine, “Japan Visitors Guide.” From then, many foreigners visited this hotel.


There are several types of room. From single room to twin room, there are sweet rooms and Japanese tatami rooms. As mentioned, guests can view Yamanakako-lake and Mt. Fuji from all rooms, of course even from single rooms.


One pleasure of the trip in Japan is the hot spring, onsen. This hotel has a remarkable open-air bath. Because the hotel stands on the 1100 meter high from sea level, the sky is much closer than towns. At night the stars will shine and guests will feel as if they are in planetarium.


The hotel garden also needs an attention. The scenery changes from season to season. There are cherry blossoms in spring, fresh green leaves in the early summer, colored leaves in autumn, illumination in the winter, and view of Fuji covered with snow.


If you are planning to stay in the winter, then you will be able to see the illumination of LED lights of 160,000 bulbs. If you are planning to stay on weekend of January or February (depends on year by year), there will be shuttle buses to and from the Kawaguchiko-lake fireworks festival. You’d better check events at the official website before booking.


[Hotel Mt. Fuji]

Address: 1360-83 Yamanaka, Yamanakakomura, Minamitsuru-gun, Yamanashi

Amenities: Body soap, Yukata, towels, toothbrush, shampoo, hairbrush, hairdryer

Facilities: TV, air conditioner, phone, refregerator