The Hakone Fujiya Hotel


The Hakone Fujiya Hotel has more than 130 years of history from the start. The classical look of the hotel is a symbol of Hakone.

Inside of this hotel, there are sculptures and paintings around. The period and the author varies to each. There is a pavilion and also a guided tour inside the hotel to show the history of the Hakone Fujiya Hotel.


There are 4 buildings in this hotel, the main building, west building, forest building, and hanagoten. The nob of the door of the forest building and the hanagoten is set higher than the other buildings. This is because there are tall foreigners visited this hotel. Also, some rooms in the hanagoten building has large walk-in closet. The reason is for some foreigners stayed here for long period.


What’s so good about this hotel is that hot spring comes out to bath of all rooms. Guests can enjoy and relax with the hot spring. There are also reserved private large bath.


There are different types of restaurants in the hotel. The main dining is called “The Fujiya.” It serves French dishes, and guests can be satisfied with the food and the sculpture on the ceiling of the restaurant. The Japanese restaurant is also recommended. The restaurant was built in 1895 as an imperial villa. Guests can enjoy Japanese cuisine in the restful situation.

The place of this hotel has the good access to enjoy Hakone. From the Miyanoshita station of Hakone Tozan Tetsudo to the hotel is about 7 minutes of walk. You can ride the Hakone Tozan Tesudo, and exchange to a Hakone Tozan Cable Car, and then to a Hakone Ropeway, then to the Hakone Pirate Cruise of Ashinoko. You can also stop by at the Owakudani, where the hot spring comes out.


[The Hakone Fujiya Hotel]

Address: 359 Miyanoshita Hakonemachi, Ashigara, Kanagawa

Facility: Hot spring bathroom, shower, air conditioner, TV, refrigerator

Amenity: Towel, shampoo, conditioner, body soap, hair brush, yukata robe, hairdryer, and toothbrush