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Tenzushi Kyomachi 天寿し京町店 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Tenzushi Kyomachi, the most elusive sushi seat in Japan is found in the city of Kokura on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu. Gourmands from around the world jostle for one of just five seats at Tenzushi, which serves unparalleled cuisine described by the chef as “sushi by addition”. Inheriting the style forged by his father, the chef honors those flavors while constantly experimenting to take it to the next level. Behind his somewhat foreboding appearance, Chef Amano has a warm heart, greeting every customer and satiating their appetites for his unbelievable sushi.

A line of chairs by the entrance signifies the chef’s kindness – he would never want guests to wait outside. Passing through a beautiful draped noren adorning the entrance, your attention is drawn to the gentle sound of trickling water. As you are led to your seat, you are certain to be shocked by the scale of Tenzushi. Taking your place at one of just five counter seats is rather intimidating, but the chef’s smile sets you entirely at ease.

Sushi is best enjoyed with your hands, so beneath the two-tiered solid hinoki counter is running water with which to wash your hands and ready for the meal. The trickling sound combined with the Sarah Brightman soundtrack makes for a strangely comfortable ambience. Behind the chef, the black slate wall is accented by the characters for Tenzushi, which have been carved into a stately wooden signboard and filled with glistening gold leaf. Combined with a sparkling silver seaweed case, the grill, chopping boards, pots of salt and kabosu green citrus orbs, the scene looks like a still-life painting by Pissarro or Cézanne. It’s time to escape reality for moment and immerse yourself in that scene.

Restaurant information
Style: Sushi Restaurant
Address: 3 Chome-11-9 Kyomachi, Kokurakita Ward, Kitakyushu, 802-0002
Telephone: +81 93 521 5540
Nearest Station: Kokura (Fukuoka)
Number of Seats: 5
Opening Hours: 4 timeslots: 12:00, 14:00, 17:30, 19:30
Close on Monday and Tuesday

Lunch: Chef’s choice course JPY38,500 (Tax inc.) /guest(s)

Dinner: Chef’s choice course JPY38,500 (Tax inc.) /guest(s)

Chef Isao Amano is a man filled with warmth, love and a strong sense of obligation. He has nothing but respect for his late father and the Kyushumae sushi he created, and he works tirelessly every day to take it higher and make his father proud. The youngest of four children, Chef Amano is now 62 years old. From as early as he can remember, he was fascinated by sushi far more than his siblings, heading straight to his father’s restaurant as soon as school let out to help and earn some pocket money. In an elementary school essay he wrote of his dream to one day become the best sushi chef in Japan.

He threw himself into volleyball during high school, but as soon as he graduated all his thoughts turned to sushi. With an eye to first learning sushi fundamentals he joined a sushi restaurant focused on the Edomae style. But it felt too far from his father’s style and after just six months he left to start from scratch again under his father’s tutelage. From that day onwards they worked together for 42 years, separated 15 years ago upon his father’s death. The restaurant where they had stood together all those years was taken over by Amano’s older brother, so he took the opportunity to go out on his own.

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