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Tenku no Mori 天空の森 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Tenku no Mori, literally translated as “the forest in the sky,” is a luxury hotel and spa which offers stunning panoramic views of the mountains, lush forests and active volcanoes of northern Kagoshima. Tenku no Mori is a place for people to reconnect with nature and discover one’s humanity.

The owner, Tateo Tajima, who is known as the master of Tenku, has spent over 25 years building his idea for a new form of luxury, landscaping the woods and hills, excavating the hot springs, to give birth to this rare place.

Relais & Châteaux Tenku no Mori 天空の森

Relais and Chateaux

Hotel information
Style: Luxury hotel (Villa)
Chain: Relais & Chateaux
Address: 3389 Syukukubota,Makizono-cho 899-6507,Kirishima, Kagoshima,Japan
Telephone: 995-76-0777
Check in time: After 14:00
Check out time: Before 12:00

Social Media
Website: https://tenku-jp.com/
Facebook: @TenkuNoMori  
Instagram: @tenkunomori
Blog: http://tenkunomori.blog.shinobi.jp/

Set deep in the four seasons forest and overlooking the volcanic mountains of Kagoshima, a handful of discreet villas welcome those in search of serenity. Tranquility reigns, open air baths and spas soothe the body, and the spectacular view over Mount Kirishima calms the spirit. Rooted in its region, the restaurant serves original cuisine with seasonal vegetables from the garden and chickens raised on its own farm.

Villa Akanesasu Oka, Villa Tenku and Villa Rinu no Mori are for guests who stay overnight. All villas are close to the hilltop, making guests feel like in a private island in the sky, a pectore place to catch the setting sun. The villa consists of a bedroom and living room in separate structures. It also has a wooden deck that feels like a platform for diving into the surrounding nature, incorporating an outdoor onsen where you can sit and survey the vast scenery.

Villa Hana Chiru Sato and Villa Tsubame No Su are for day trip guests. Both villas located on the high ground at the back of the grounds. Setting in a hidden away, with only an onsen bath and a bedroom, it’s the ideal location for bathing, and then taking in the delights of the surrounding nature.

Tenku no Mori provides over thirty different types of vegetables growing in Tenku’s terraced fields. No agrochemicals are used, so leaves may bear marks where insects have found them attractive. The top chef, Tateo Tajima, can tell if a plant is ready by its smell, and by the appearance of the fields.

To show the concept of cuisine and emphasize the natural roots of food production, the owner and chef of Tenku No Mori believe that picking and eating sprouts as soon as they appear is the greatest luxury, giving guests the true flavors of the land here in Kirishima.