Sakuramatsuri at Senkawadouri

Term and place This festival is held from 2nd to 3rd in April at Nerima-ku. Event In this time, will have the […]

Toshimaen Sakura Festival

Toshimaen is  one of the amusement parks in Tokyo. In spring, it opens this festival when cherry blossoms star […]

Tokyo Odaiba

Odaiba is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island in Tokyo Bay. Let us introduce so […]

Kamogawa Seaworld in Chiba

Kamogawa Seaworld is an amusement park with a collection of 11,000 marine creatures from 800 different species […]

Boso no Mura in Chiba

Boso no Mura in Chiba Would you like to have unique experience while you are staying in Chiba? Would you like […]

Tokyo Disney Sea

Once you enter into Japan and Tokyo, why don’t you visit and enjoy Tokyo DisneySea! Tokyo DsneySea is on […]

Funado sakura matsuri

Funado sarkura matsuri is opened 27th March 2016 at Ukima park. The park is a place of full nature. You will s […]