Steak House Mihashi 1
Steak House Mihashi 1

Opened two decades ago, Nikko’s first steak house Mihashi has always been popular for not only local Japanese people but also tourists from abroad with the best quality of beef and tasty steak sauce.

Steak House Mihashi 2
Steak House Mihashi 2

The restaurant serves the best quality of beef which passed several exams and screenings to be able to be called Tochibi Wagyu”(Tochibi beef), the local best beef.
Japanese beef steak is soft and melts when it goes into the mouth.
The steak is served to your table sizzling. I’m sure the juicy steak with the popular Mihashi’s original steak sauce will fascinate you!

Apart from the beef steak, there’s one more popular menu at this restaurant is Maitake steak.
Maitake is one of Japanese mushrooms. Mihashi’s Maitake is grown by the nearby contracted farmers.
The Maitake steak is big and juicy. Not many places you can taste such gorgeous Maitake.


It is close to Nikko’s tourist points such as Rin-oji or Toshogu shrine. You can drop in after going sightseeing these places. (It’s better to book in advance especially in weekends.)

Steak House Mihashi 3
Steak House Mihashi 3

Taste and enjoy the top quality of Japanese beef.
I promise that Steak House Mihashi will be one of your good
memories of the trip to Nikko.

Steak House Mihashi
Address: 1115 Kamihatsuishimachi, Nikko, Tochigi Prefecture
TEL: 0288-54-3429
Open: 11:30 – 20:00
Close: Thursday