As you might know, it is good access from Tokyo to Chiba and there are many places to feel nature and beautiful. Have you also heard that Chiba is one of the best places to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms? If you are planning to visit Chiba and want to feel nature close by, why not come?


Famous place to see sakura viewing in Chiba is Simizu Park. This is the popular spot of viewing cherry blossoms and every year, almost 2,000 trees will bloom in this natural park.
Blossom viewing in spring and changing red leaves in autumn with seasonal matsuri (festivals) as well. You will enjoy all seasons here in the park.



Furthermore, not only viewing cherry blossoms but also enjoying ride a boat on the river to see cherry blossoms. It is kind of unique attraction and good place to see them. If you are lucky, you probably see places with lighting up along the pond.


Additionally, many family attractions such as animal farm, adventure park, pony rides, camping, mazes and more as well as a food kiosk and flower nursery. A short walk from shimizukoen station and on the otherside another short walk to the local supermarkets.


Best time to see is from late March to early April.

【Shimizu Koen】

Address: 906 Shimizu, Noda, Chiba
Tel: +(81) 4-7125-3030