Setsubun ” means , The day between two seasons !

People celeblate Setsubun on either the 3rd or 4th of February , the day before the first spring day on the present calendar.

RISSHUN ”→the first spring day

How about [ Mamemaki  ] ??


~~” Oni wa soto , fuku wa uchi ‘ ~~’

Bean throwing called mamemaki is done at home on the night of Setsubun.

People scatter roasted soy beans inside and outside their houses shouting , ” Fortune in , devils out ” .


How about [ Ehou-maki ] ??

Eating ” Ehou-maki ” is another secial traditional event which has become popular recently.

” Ehou-maki ” is a sushi roll made from rice , cucumber , shitake mushroom , eel ..so on .

They say if you eat it facing the happy direction while keeping quite, you will become happy !


[ Some examples of famouse events ]

Narita-san Shinsho-ji : Chiba , Narita

It is said that there are no goblins in front of the statue ofFudomyouou , a kind of messenger of Nyorai ,so people only say ” come i good luck ”. Usually sumo wrestlers and NHK TV drama actors and actress appear on a stage . Senso-jo:

Senso-ji :Tokyo , Taito-ku

It is said that there are not goblins around Asakusa-Kannon , too , here just say, ” come in good luck ”. Usualy a kind of apanese comedian , rakugoka , and also Japanese folk singers appear on a stage .