When you enter into Japan,

why don’t you find out and have an experience about SAMURAI?

There is a Samurai Museum in Shinjuku, Tokyo and you can try on kabuto which is a helmet and an armor.
Why not take an original picture with your cell phones?


Samurai-centered Japanese society have been developed history about 700 years. In samurai age, Japan had been faced crisis such as, the Mongolian invasions of Japan, the arrival of the Black Ships and the Age of Discovery led by Portugal which meant Europeans notably the Portuguese and the Spanish became a threat for East Asian Countries. You will find out these brave samurai warriors and their spirit confronted the difficulties to not only Japanese people but also all people visiting from your country!


More fantastic experience is that you can take a lesson about Samurai Calligraphy.
If you would like to have somethig fun, unique, fantastic and enjoyable experiences in Japan, Samurai Museum is here for you!



【Samurai Museum】

Address: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Kabukicho 2-25-6
Tel: +(81) 3-6457-6411
Hour: 10:30~21:00