Sake Culture Experience in Kobe

The Hakutsuru Sake Brewing Company was founded in 1743, in the middle of Japan’s Edo period. The name “Hakutsuru” has a long tradition, first coming into use in 1747, four years after the company’s founding.


At the Hakutsuru Museum, 1F:
Various sake production implements are on display, including a huge vat made of Japanese cedar once used for fermentation.
In the sake-tasting area, you can enjoy freshly pressed, unpasteurized sake that cannot be found anywhere else. They sell not only HAKUTSURU SAKE products, but many original museum goods as well. The sake gelatin dessert is especially popular.



The various stages of making sake are depicted in detail, with displays of the cooling apparatus, koji culture room, and many other types of equipment. They have English guide as well.


There are sake products below.

Ginjo-Shu (special brew sake): Rice polished by 40% or more is used for the material, with the alcohol made by fermentation. with having a brilliant fruity aroma like apples and bananas


Nigori Sake (coarse-filtered sake): Using only selected rice and rice koji, “SAYURI” is brewed up carefully with natural spring water from Mt.Rokko.



【Hakutsuru Sake Museum】
Address: 4-5-5, Sumiyoshi Minamimachi, Higashinada-ward, Kobe, Hyogo
Tel: +(81) 78-822-8901
Hour: 9:30~16:30
Closed: the end of the year and new year