Have you been to the World Heritage Bridge in Japan? It is located in Nikko, Tochigi.


The beautiful Shinkyo is worth enough to decorate the entrance of sanctuary Nikko. The Shinkyo is also called Yamasugeno-jabashi, which means snake bridge of sedge. This bridge belongs to Futarasan Shrine and is designated as an important cultural property and was registered as the World Heritage in December 1999.


Establishment of Shinkyo is full of mystery, but is respected as a sacred bridge. Shinkyo was rebuilt in 1636 and became today’s appearance. After that, Shinkyo had been opened to only Generals and messengers from the imperial court.


It is a beautiful construction using thick wooden pieces, and elegant curve consisted of soft arc.
Shinkyo is the oldest bridge in Japan in terms of drawbridge style built over the gorge. Also, Shinkyo is known as one of the finest three bridges!!


【Shinkyo Bridge】

Address: 2307 Sannai, Nikko, Tochigi