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Restaurant Nikko Kanaya Hotel

Enjoy Hotel Restaurant!

Nikko Kayana Hotel is the oldest resort hotel in Japan, opened in 1873 At the restaurant, you can have the best French cuisine in Nikko.

There are 4 rstaurans include a bar at the hotel.

At Main Dining Room: Yo can enjoy special chef’s french dining. You also enjoy their traditional cuisine in the historical atmosphere of long-established Kanaya Hotel.

At Coffee Lounge Maple Leaf: Would you like to taste the chef’s special cake with rich tea?
What the most impression menu is the curry. You can try their original ‘Hundred Years Rice Curry’ which was reproduced based on the recipe from 100 years ago, found in the storage of Kanaya Hotel in 2003.

Please do try! The curry is popular among the tourists for their lunch.

At Japanese Cafe Shou: You can enjoy traditional Japanese sweets. The menu changes as season to offer seasonal sweets using locally produced fresh fruits like strawberries.

The bakery of the hotel is also popular among Japanese tourists recently.
Fresh and tasty variety kind of breads are good for gifts for your friends.

Good location, and nice meals along with the nostalgic architecture and furniture, please do enjoy the world heritage trip staying at Nikko Kanaya hotel.

【Nikko Kanaya Hotel】

Address: 1300 Kamihatsuishimachi, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-54-0001

photos taken from official website


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