Do you know an American TV programme called Iron Chef?
The famous chefs battle with cooking how they cook nice food during the programme.
It is based on a Japanese TV programme “Iron Chef” and Chef Yamaoka was the one of the popular Iron Chefs in the programme.

This is his Chinese restaurant.
After working as an executive chef of famous hotels or appearing on many TV programmes, he’s now one of the most famous Japanese Chinese food chefs in Japan.

Chef Yamaoka’s fantastic fascinating Chinese cuisine can be tasted in a residence area of outskirt of Tokyo.


It is Chinese cuisine but it’s based on traditional Chinese medicine.
So the menu can be changed according to your request and your physical condition.
Therefore, this restaurant is for the guests of advance reservation only.
Their food is not only tasty, but also very careful work for each platehealthy and also looks colourful and very beautiful. You will know why he is called Iron chef!
If you order a course, the chef and the staff will explain each of the meals about the ingredients, the efficacy or the recipe etc.


The restaurant itself is just like you are invited to the chef’s private house.
As such warm atmosphere, please come there with your special people with a special occation.



Selected meals just for you will be welcome you. The chef says that all the staff will try to entertain the guest as much as they can.
I’m sure you will be satisfied with Japanese hospitality there.



ADDRESS: 2 Chome-1-12 Minatoshinden, Ichikawa, Chiba Prefecture 272-0132
PHONE: 047-359-7667
OPEN: Lunch/12:00~15:00 Dinner/18:00~21:30 (Must book in advance)