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What do you think about this egg?


It is called “KUROTAMAGO”, it means “black boiled egg”.
Why does this one change color?
Because of hot spring! In order to make this, we usually use hot spring. “OODAKUDANI-ONSEN” is included many ingredients such as iron, sulfur and etc.
These ingredients can change eggs color white to black! It’s really amazing!
In addition, there is a legend regarding Black boiled eggs.
“Once you eat this, your expectancy becomes longer.”
You should eat this!

onnsenn wakudani

“OODAKUDANI-ONSEN” is good for your health and skin.
This amazing hot spring also gets rid of your tiredness.
“OODAKUDANI-ONSEN” consists of many hot springs.
Because of that, there are many lodge and hotel! You can choose your favorite one via Internet!

You should come and see this great hot spring!
Address:1251, sengokuhara, ashigarashimogun, hakonecyou, KANAGAWA