[ Onsen ]

Most Japanese people love bathing in hot springs, called onsen.

There are a lot of hot springs .

The japanese people of soaking in a bathtub is also very common at home ,japan is a volcanic island with more than 2,000 hot springs resorts.

An onen resort is a place we love , and also a place to cure disease and promoto health at the same time .


[ Roten Buro ] 

At anonsen resort people enjoy bathing in spas, paticularly open-air baths called roten-buro that are found natural surroudings.

Some  roten-buro are set in nature as if they are part of a river , while oters are beautiful gardens.

Sometimes you will see wild animals ,such as monkey families ,come to roten-buro to take a bath together .

You could also enjoy massaging function of bubbles in an awaburo , or the pelting water of an utaseyu .

Hot rock plates , ganbanyoku , and sand baths , are also popyular bathing styles.


 [ How to Bating ? ]

When bathing in onsen, you can take off the clothes .

Wash yourself on the draining floor before getting in the bathtub.

For Japanese , the bath is not only a place to clean our boday , but also to rstore our energy  for the next day .

Let’s Enjoy ONSEN ! !