Okada Museum of Art

Last time i wrote about Hakone museum of art and I told you that there are so many kind of museums and now I will teach you more about  another museum in Hakone. Its call Okada Museum of Art.

<Open houre>9.00~17.00

< sddres> Hakone machi kowakidani 493 ashigarasimogun kanagawa


How to get there?

You can take bus or train.You can see at Google map

Okada museum Map

What we can see in Ohada museum of art.

You can find there japanese style paintings, orientalist potteries and chinese ritual bronzes etc..If you want to see some pictures you can see here.

Okada museum collection.

There are some ivents?

There are so many events. It is like a talking show.If you want to take a look you can see here.

Okada museum events.


Okada Museum shop!

If you want to have some japanese style souvenir. You can go to the museums shop. You can buy there so many nice things for yourself or a gift for your mom,dad,and friends.

Here is an experience who visited the Okada museum of Art:

How was the Okada museum of Art?

How was it there?

From outside the building looks really modern. But if you go inside everything looks so old and traditional. Here you can feel and see the real Japan.

Thank you for reading.