Nokogiri Yama is like natural museum famous for the unique shaped rocks or beautiful places.

Nokogiriyama Ropeway in Chiba
Nokogiriyama Ropeway in Chiba

The ropeway has been regularly used by people who have visited here at all seasons. The oblique distance is 680 meters between the stations at the foot and top of the mountain, and the car is served every five minutes.


In the building at the top of mountain, there are an observation restaurant, free resting room, telescopes, souvenirs corner, game for children ets.
From the top of the mountain, you will see Mt. Fuji when it is a fine weather.


Also, the historical materials on the stone cutting in this mountain is exhibited there.
The mountain would be interesting enough just for its shape – and the breathtaking views of Tokyo Bay and the surrounding deep greens of the Boso Hills that can be partaken from the summit.


There is a temple called Nihonji at the opposite side of the mountain. In the garden of this temple, you can see the greatest images of Buddha made of stone.



Also, you can enjoy one and half hour hiking between the station at the top and the garden(round trip), including walking around the garden.

【Nokogiriyama Ropeway in Chiba】

Address: 4052-1 Kanaya, Futtsu, Chiba
Tel: +(81) 439-69-2314
Hour: 9:00~17:00