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Nishiyama Mutsugaoka 西山慕情ヶ丘 | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Locateds at Shima City, Nishiyama Mutsugaoka is one of the superb view points to enjoy the evening view of Ago Bay. It has also been certified as one of the 100 best sunsets in Japan 2000 (Nihon no Yuhihyakusen), selected by the NPO Japan Islands Sunset and Asahi no Satozukuri Association. The sight of the setting sun dyeing the small islands scattered in Ago Bay and the pearl rafts floating in the waves in madder red is a beauty that cannot be expressed in words.

General Information
Address: Agocho Tategami, Shima, Mie 517-0503, Japan

Opening Hours: 24 Hours
Parking: 20
Nearest Station: Ugata Station

Ease of Access
Approximately 45 minutes from “Ise-nishi IC” via Prefectural Road 32, National Road 167, National Road 260 (turn right at the Tategamiguchi intersection).

15 minutes drive from Ugata Station.

Shima city is on the southern half of Shima Peninsula in far eastern Mie Prefecture, facing Ise Bay of the Pacific Ocean. The city has a complicated rias coast with two large inlets: Matoya Bay and Ago Bay. Matoya Bay is famous for oyster cultivation and Ago Bay is famous for pearl cultivation. Both are sightseeing spots and all of the city is within the borders of the Ise-Shima National Park.

Shima has three inhabited islands, Watakano Island, Kashiko Island and Masaki Island. Watakano Island is located in Matoya Bay, and the others are in Ago Bay.

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