Enjoy Azalea Blooming in Shrine!

Not only cherry blossoms but also Azalea blooms is really famous in Japan.


Nezu shrine in Tokyo is famous and known for Azalea blooming in spring. It actually more than 3,000 Azaleas will bloom every spring and Edo big festival, which is one of the biggest 3 festivals in Japan, will be perfomed in september.


Inside shrine, there are about 100 kinds of Azaleas and you will find tea house, shops for flowers ad any other souveniors shops along the street.



Nezu shrine is famous for an Azalea.


If you have time and are planning to come and visit Japan, why don’t you see Japanese beauty Azalea in spring?
Dependng on the temparature in spring though, you will definately enjoy 100 kinds of Azalea accordingly!


【Nezu Shrine】

Address: 1-23-9, Nezu, Bunkyo, Tokyo
Tel: +(81) 33822-0753
Time: 9:00~17:00