1  Modern construntion !

A First pearl speciality store ” woody plant perrl store ” was established by Japan in Ginza and a foundation of jewelry industry was built the modern times in Japan in 1899.

Koukichi entered a work in the exhibition held by all countries including Columbus international exposition in Cicago in 1893.also

to turn the eyes to foreign countries from early times and hand charm of a pearl down to many people.

New York and Paris develop business internationally with London branch office establishment in 1913 as a start.

I supplied Mikimoto Pearl to all over the world and made the name permeate as Japanese culture again as pronoun of cultured pearls.


住所 MIKIMOTO Ginza2 ,2-4-12Ginza, cyuou-ku, Tokyo
電話 03-3535-4611
営業時間 11:00~19:00
店休日 Mon-Sun