Meiji-no-Yakata; the restaurant serves a “western style” Japanese cuisine developed back in the Meiji periof that is still being enjoyed by many people today.


For example, they serve hamburgers, omlets with using seasonal ingredients come from Tochigi, Nikko. Also desserts are served as a cafe style.



The stone cottage that F.W. Horn built is still in its original condition both inside and outside and now houses the “Meiji-no-Yakata” restaurant.



“Meiji-no-Yakata” is located within the “Nikko Fudouen” – an ancient site with a 1,200 year history belonging to the Nikkosan Rinnoji-Temple used to stand.The stone statues including the “Fudoumyo-o deity will give you a glimpse of those ancient times.


Address: 2339-1 Sannai, Nikko, Tochigi
Tel: +(81) 288-53-3751
Hour: 11:00~19:30
Closed: open everyday