There is one of must see place in Chiba is called Sawara. History of Sawara begins from Third century. It was owned by Katori Shrine and around 14th century, it was very important town for military and economy.


At Edo period, Sawara becomes very important transit town for the trade markets which connect Edo and Northern area. At this time, foods, Sake, Soy Sauce were exported to Edo, and clothes, household goods, and groceries are imported here in Sawara.


Little Edo - Sawara
Little Edo – Sawara

Sawara is still called “Koedo,” Little Edo. There are many Edo style building and they are used for many restaurants, gift shops or hotels.


The town is developed along the side of Ono river which is used to be a canal during the Edo period. The view is well preserved, so it offers all travelers the view of Edo.


Enjoy a relaxing water excursion in which you leisurely gaze up from the boat to the townscape. The storehouse-style merchant houses and townhouses incorporate many thin slats of wood in the traditional style, evoking the Edo period.

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