Near Tokyo Disney Resort, there is one of the largest shopping malls in Chiba; LaLaport TOKYO BAY!

LaLaport TOKYO BAY in Chiba
LaLaport TOKYO BAY in Chiba

When you have time and want to go shopping, that’s the one you should go!

The shopping mall can be accessed from Minami-Funabashi Station.
Opened in 1981, the historic mall has undergone repeated major renovations, ultimately expanding to its current total of 460 shops.
The shopping mall includes the drugstore MatsumotoKiyoshi, Uniqlo and other casual fashion stores, Armani Exchange, American Eagles outlet, starbucks, Freshnes burgurs and other stores offering a variety of things to enjoy, from shopping to amusements.



There are also esthetic stores such as nails, hair cut, eylashes etc, so if you have time and try them, soudns fun doesn’t it?
Opposite site of this mall, there is a IKEA, if you visit Tokyo and Chiba, then why not try to go there for your happy and enjoyment!


【LaLaport TOKYO BAY】

Address: 2-1-1 Hama-cho, Funabashi, Chiba
Tel: +(81) 3-5927-9321
Hour: 10:00~20:00