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Kobe Kitano Hotel 神戸北野ホテル | Japan Luxury Travel Agency

Kobe Kitano Hotel, owns by Hiroshi Yamaguchi, is an urban auberge in Japan’s cosmopolitan, sixth-largest city, Kobe.

Hiroshi Yamaguchi learned his art under celebrated French chef Bernard Loiseau. Mr. Yamaguchi created the hotel in 2000, with the aim of promoting an innovative form of Japanese Nouvelle cuisine in a setting that reflected the refinement of France. The venture has been so successful that, in 2015, Yamaguchi took the “Ryori Masters” Bronze Prize, awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture: an award that recognizes chefs who have contributed, at the highest levels, to the success, development, and propagation of Japanese food, and food culture.

RELAIS & CHÂTEAUX Kobe Kitano Hotel 神戸北野ホテル

Relais and Chateaux
Kobe Kitano Hotel
(Photo: Kobe Kitano Hotel/ Website)

Hotel information
Style: French style hotel
Chain: Relais & Chateaux (Member since 2011)
Address: 3-3-20, Yamamoto-dori, Chuo-ku 650-0003, Kobe
Telephone: 07-8271-3711
Check in time: 15:00 – 00:00
Check out time: Before 11:00

Social Media
Website: http://www.kobe-kitanohotel.co.jp/
Instagram: @kobekitanohotel

Kobe Kitano Hotel sets in Kobe, the most cosmopolitan of Japanese cities. In Kitano area, various foreigners who settled here from the 19th century onwards, built residences in the style of their distant homelands.

Kobe Kitano Hotel features 30 elegantly drawing rooms, each with unique British furniture and an individual decorating style with various pastel colors. The hotel provides different types of room depends on guests’ requirements, from standard twin room, to deluxe king room, as well as presidential suite, some of the room features a bath tub.

Kobe Kitano Hotel features 2 gourmet restaurants, Ash French restaurant serves exquisite dishes prepared with select ingredient, and the Dining Café Igrek, an open kitchen style offering European-style breakfast, lunch and dinner courses.

In Kobe Kitano Hotel, menus are prepared and designed by chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi, who is also the owner of the hotel, with other inventive chefs. French cuisine is best known in Kobe Kitano Hotel. By using bouillon skillfully, cutting down on the use of butter and whipping cream, instead concentrating on harnessing the essential flavor of each food presented. The fresh and delicate style of Japan is splendidly fit for the yamaguchi style of French cuisine.

Chef Hiroshi Yamaguchi’s signature dish, comes from a handful of carefully selected suppliers, and Ayu (bamboo shoots) and Sainchon flowers (Japanese peppers) are also sourced from within the region.

Activities at Kobe Kitano Hotel

Mountain biking
Water skiing
Horseback riding
Sightseeing in Chinatown
Sightseeing in foreigner pavilion
Golf (18 hole)

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