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Kirigaki observation deck is located an approximately 55-minute drive from Ise Nishi Interchange via Ise Road, in Tomoyama Park on the east side of Ago Bay. The view of Ago Bay dyed by the sunset is beautiful, making this enchanting place one of the best spots to visit in Ise Shima. Many professional and amateur photographers visit from both within the prefecture and from far afield. The views of the sky at dusk and the sunset are well-recommended, as is the later opportunity to view the stars. Once the sun goes down, visitors who stay a little longer will see the starry sky appear above them. The observation deck is accessible by car, so people who can’t walk far can also enjoy it.

General Information
Address: 2199 Daiocho Nakiri, Shima 517-0603 Mie Prefecture

Telephone: 0599-46-0570
Opening Hours: Open24 hours
Parking Lot: Available

Ease of Access
By public transport

Take the Mie Kotsu Bus Goza Line (toward Goza) from Kintetsu “Ugata Station”, get off at Funakoshi, and walk for about 50 minutes, or take a taxi from “Ugata Station” for about 20 minutes (about 13 km).

By car
About 55 minutes from Ise Nishi IC on the Ise Expressway via Ise Road.

Tomoyama Park

Kirigaki observation deck locates at Tomoyama Park, which is a natural park located in the central area of the Ise-Shima National Park and surrounded on three sides by Ago Bay. The beautiful rias coastline and uninhabited islands can be seen from the observatory here. Evergreen broad-leaf trees are scattered over the area, and shore-dwelling animals can be observed in its tidelands. The park office offers a variety of outdoor activity programs with the theme of eco-tourism.

Mie Prefecture
Mie Prefecture belongs to both the Kansai Region and the Tokai Region. The prefecture is home to the Ise Shrines, Japan’s most sacred Shinto shrines. Prefectural capital is Tsu City.

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